Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas on Wednesday (February 9)  said he would launch the “Daang Matuwid Bukid Revolution” in the countryside if elected president to maximize the potentials of the agriculture and fisheries sectors for inclusive growth.

In his speech during the campaign launch, he underlined that the Bukid Revolution would benefit rural communities of the country like his hometown of Capiz. He mentioned that there are three elements of this revolution that would beef-up the farmers’ productivity and profit.

First, the government would provide low-interest loans to small farmers and fishermen so that their earnings will not go to huge interest payments and amortizations.

Second, farm to market roads, bridges and other infrastructure would be constructed or repaired so that the farm produce could reach the market on time and still fresh.

Third, “post harvest facilities” like dryers and chillers would be put up to keep the good quality of  produce and ensure its competitiveness.

“That is our ‘Bukid Revolution,’ which would lead to improved earnings for our small farmers and fishermen.As I’ve been saying, no one should be left behind in our march to a brighter future,” Roxas said.

The World Bank defines inclusive growth as a broad-based growth that enables people from all sectors of the society to contribute and sustain economic growth in the long run.

The agriculture sector, one of the government’s priorities for developments, received  P85.63 billion allotments for Agricultural Development Program in 2015.

Roxas said many people, particularly those who live in poor provinces, largely depend on farming and fisheries for livelihood.

“That is why we need to strengthen all developments projects that this government has started and promote inclusive growth by maximizing the country’s agri-business potentials,” Roxas said.

“The development programs under ‘Daang Matuwid’ are  anchored on the success of every Filipino family,” he added.