Serving the nation has always been an honor and a privilege for Mar Roxas. As the fruitful year of 2015 comes to a close, the standard-bearer of Daang Matuwid wishes to extend his gratitude to the Filipino people for supporting and strengthening the programs and projects that led to the beginning of a more developed and progressive Philippines. Let us take this opportunity to look back at the accomplishments of the Filipino people together with Mar Roxas as the Secretary of Interior and Local Government.

469 Fire trucks


Over the course of 2015, the administration purchased 469 fire trucks to ensure that every locality in the country will be equipped to respond to calamities. Currently, 197 fire trucks have been distributed, including corresponding equipment like uniforms for fire fighters. Through the distribution of fire trucks, localities will be ready to respond to fires swiftly and effectively thus protecting the safety of the community.

OPLAN Lambat-Sibat


The number of criminals and law violators arrested increased significantly through the mechanisms of OPLAN Lambat-Sibat. Incidents of crime went down by over 60% in the National Capital Region where OPLAN Lambat-Sibat is currently implemented. 716 high profile criminals in the most-wanted watch list of the police are already in custody. As evidenced by the significant impact of the operation in regions where it is present, OPLAN Lambat-Sibat is now expanding its implementation to nearby provinces.

1,470 Patrol Jeeps


Roxas also spearheaded the distribution of PNP Patrol Jeeps to all localities in the country to ensure that the police are equipped with sufficient equipment to combat crime and to protect the safety of the people. Currently, the number of provinces that have received new patrol jeeps is at 94% (1,384 of 1,470), and those issued patrol jeeps are now in use, contributing to the reduction of crime rates.

OPLAN Listo and Disaster Rehabilitation Efforts


Aside from the multiple programs centered on the fight against criminality, Roxas also made significant work on the development of a response system against calamities such as floods and earthquakes. Roxas started OPLAN Listo which increased the response time of the government on regions severely affected by calamities. On top of this, Roxas spearheaded several Disaster Relief Efforts which aims to quickly reinstate the vital sectors of the community such as the markets, municipalities, and civic centers. Before 2015 ends, over 94.5% of the necessary measures will be completed.

1SF: Because housing is a right


Part of the campaign against the effects of calamities is the relocation of families from danger-prone areas. Through the One Safe Future or 1SF program, Informal Settler Families (ISFs) have been given safe housing communities, removing the worry from their hearts and giving them sustainable lives. The number of ISFs that have been relocated to housing communities now reached 20,003.

Bottom-up Budgeting


Roxas continued the implementation of the Bottom-up Budgeting Program where local government units are given the power to determine the projects that are needed for their localities. Bottom-up Budgeting shows an understanding that the needs of localities are different from one another, and therefore necessitates specific solutions. For 2015, 14,453 projects chosen by the people were given the green light to be funded through this system.  Some of these projects include the construction of roads, repair of power lines and power grids, establishment of infrastructure concentrated on health and education, and other projects all anchored on the development of a better nation.

Inspired by the impact of BUB, Roxas introduced the concept of Walang Iwanan Fund, which is estimated to allocate P1,000 worth of development credits per person per year. P100 billion (P1,000 per Filipino) is the projected budget that will be allotted for Walang Iwanan Fund which will concentrate on the development of all sectors of the nation.



One of the accomplishments spearheaded by Roxas is the establishment of outlets which provide a supply of safe and clean water through the Salintubig Program. 237 communities or over 140,000 households that used to have no access to adequate supply of clean water are now benefitting from the Salintubig Program.

A Safe Visit for the Pope


The Pope’s visit to the Philippines last January has been met with no setbacks thanks to the thorough preparations of Roxas and the DILG of the grid design. The grid design was the path the Pope followed in his visit. It ensured the Pope’s safety and efficiency in maneuvering him through the crowd of over seven million people.

These are only a few of numerous projects and programs under the leadership of Roxas as Interior Secretary and as a public servant. In a span of a year, Roxas persevered to provide service and help, especially to the communities and families most in need. With Roxas, we have already achieved so much, and it is with Roxas that we can achieve more.