Daang Matuwid presidential bet Mar Roxas was at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula Hotel on Thursday (December 10) for The Wallace Business Forum fourth quarterly roundtable discussion, in which he discussed his plans for 2016 and beyond with some of the most prominent businessmen in the Philippines.

The event was attended by numerous industry leaders including Australian businessman Peter Wallace, Pacific Paint’s Johnson Ongking, DMCI’s Jorge Consunji, Holcim’s Ed Sahagun, and Richard Barclay of the Manila North Harbor Point Inc. The ambassadors of Germany, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia were also present in the forum.

One question raised during the question and answer segment was from Cora Bernardo, a member of the International Social Security Associations (ISSA). “I get the impression in the surveys that you’re good presidential material but you may not be a good candidate the way you’re being projected in media or the way people write about you in the press. So how do we address this problem?”

“I campaign the way I govern. It requires long answers that people get bored with, but that’s the way I’m going to govern,” Roxas answered.

“It’s very easy to criticize and then to paint a picture but how you get there is somewhat vague. It’s not just a destination but I include as well the how.”

Roxas also stressed the need to continue the reforms done by the Aquino administration, emphasizing that it will take more than six years to achieve the kind of change Filipinos dream about.

“It doesn’t happen with quick fix, band-aid, pie in the sky solutions. It happens just like the way you’ve built your companies: Step by step, doing the serious, unglamorous hard work,” Roxas said.

He ended by asking his audience to choose their next president the way they would pick a CEO for their company.

“Very simple question: Which of us do you trust to run your company? Which of us has the competence, capability, and the demonstrated capacity to make things happen?”