Mickey Romero Abaygar wrote this short anecdote in Teddy Montelibano’s Facebook account:

Here’s a short story about another Roxas. Many moons ago, a companion and I got into a very serious accident in Cubao. The car was totaled and it was early in the morning and at that time, there were still no cell phones so we were there in a daze and possibly hurt.

A car came along and a man went down and told us that he lived not far away, and said to come with him so he could give us something to drink and we would be able to make phone calls.

So we left the tangled mess of a car and went to his house where he made us feel very comfortable, allowed us to make phone calls and even arranged for the police to come. And then he drove us back to the car.

He introduced himself to us as just plain Dinggoy, and I forgot how I found out but later on I learned that he was a Roxas. I also found out that a couple of years later, he had passed away from cancer.


Dinggoy Roxas

Gerardo Roxas, Jr., nicknamed “Dinggoy”, is Mar Roxas’ younger brother. Dinggoy was congressman of the first district of Capiz from 1987 to 1993. He died of cancer at the young age of 32 and became the reason that Mar entered public service.